The Competitive Advantages of Great Culture

"Leading with culture may be among the few sources of sustainable competitive advantage left to companies today," according to Groysberg, Lee et al. in the January/February issue of the Harvard Business Review. In their "Leader's Guide to Corporate Culture" piece, the authors underscore that culture is central to organizational success and that there are scientific management tools for its diagnosis, design and development. It's not artsy "soft" stuff, by any means.

Best practice organizations such as Disney, REI, Tesla, Wegmans and Zappos understand that culture fuels success with strategy and operations. Too many organizations seem ill-equipped, however, to assess let alone change their cultures. The authors provide "four levers" for helping them do so:

1. Articulate the aspiration.
2. Select and develop leaders who align with the target culture.  
3. Use organizational conversations about culture to underscore the importance of change.
4. …

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