Four Steps for Communicating Effectively

Why do so many individuals and organizations struggle to get their message across? Do they accept that messaging takes time to enter an audiences' consciousness? Do they understand that effective messaging works across a communications continuum or, as Billy Crystal said about grieving in the 2002 movie Analyze That, "it's a process"?

First, your audience needs to hear the message. This takes disciplined, creative repetition animated by stories and facts and conveyed across varied media. Ultimately, however, how do you know in empirical terms whether your audience actually heard the message? How are you measuring receipt of and interaction with your messaging?

Next, your audience needs to understand the message. Just because they heard it, doesn't mean they were listening well and "got" what you were communicating. Have you built in feedback loops to help you interpret whether your audiences understand the intent of your messaging? It's risky to as…

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