Anatomy of a Sport #1: Kabaddi Anyone?

Did you watch the Pro Kabaddi League action from Mumbai on Fox Sports 2 the other night? I mean, didn't we all? 

The Pro “what” League? That’s right, the largely forgotten game of kabaddi has surged in popularity in India and across the Subcontinent, due largely to flashy television broadcasts modeled after the made-for-TV success of India’s Twenty20 Cricket Premier League – complete with cheerleaders and boisterous announcers, no less. Mumbai is suffering through its own rain and flooding deluge these days, so the Pro Kabaddi League even had to cancel two matches on Tuesday night, one of them featuring host U Mumba against the Gujarat Fortune Giants.

Kabaddi is a contact sport played in many formats over thousands of years. It can look odd and even comical to most of us not from South Asia, at times appearing to be some kind of ceremonial dance. To get a feel for the game, watch highlights from the 2016 National Kabaddi Championships at…

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