Seven Practices Baseball Teaches (Or Not) About Organizational Change

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference The story of baseball in recent years mirrors narratives across many industries. A visionary like Bill James, founder of baseball's sabermetrics, for example, invented entirely new ways to measure and value performance in his sport. In the process, owing in part to the use and misuse of James' controversial innovations, the business of baseball fundamentally changed. Those changes ushered in all manner of consequences both intended and unintended. Some observers argue that excessive, almost cultish devotion to data analytics has contributed substantially to baseball’s decline over the past 30 years. The key for assessing change outcomes in any organization is individual and collective reflection that honestly answers these seven questions: 1) what actually happened, 2) why did it happen, 3) what consequences were intended and not, 4) what consequences were predicted/predictable and not, 5) are the consequences positive, negative, or som

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